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Conservation and Fine Art Restoration

"Conservation is the methodological moment of recognition of the work of art in its natural composition and dual polarity, aesthetic and historical, in view of its transfer to the future"

Cesare Brandi (1977)

Pioneer of modern theory of art conservation


The modern theory and practice of conservation refers to two distinct directions: preventive conservation and restoration.


Preventive conservation is defined as polices and actions taken to assure the collections and to prevent damage through appropriate storage and environmental conditions in order to preserve intact the historical and artistic value of each work of art.


Restoration is defined as actions and practices taken to stabilize and cure with appropriate methods and materials, while at the same time highlighting every aspect of its artistic value. Every action is based on the principle of the reversibility of materials and methods, so to improve the condition of the work of art and preserve its historical and artistic integrity.


Our scientific team consists of experienced and high-qualified art conservators.


We provide a wide range of conservation services such as:


the condition reporting for works of art and collections the preventive conservation for works of art and collections (storage / exhibition spaces, design climate box, safe handling and hanging) the restoration of works of art and collections (stabilization of damage and physical state of preservation, surface cleaning, remove of varnish, lining, retouching, frame restoration) the documentation of each action taken






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